Rhiannon Robinson

Rhiannon Robinson’s work as a textile artist explores the fusion of typography and textiles, digital technology and the analogue. She makes unique, hand-crafted responses to carefully chosen texts – some are interpretations of serious, thought-provoking writing, others are whimsical sayings that tickle her funny bone. Based in the rugged county of Northumberland, landscape, geology, and issues in science and the environment are often themes in her work. Language is always the inspiration; typographic layouts are developed digitally through design software and transferred to fabric through a combination of cyanotype printing and rust dyeing. This text is then embellished with embroidery to amplify its meaning. She explores the various effects achievable through printing onto woven or printed coloured fabrics, as well as the use of soda bleaching and tinting cyanotypes with natural tannins to achieve a wider range of coloured effects. It is the mercurial nature of this process, with its unpredictable outcomes, that makes it appealing and creatively challenging and responding to sometimes unexpected results after the print process often provokes a more innovative interpretation when it comes to the embroidery.

Selected exhibitions
2021 The Baltic Open, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead
2022 The Art of Embroidery, Bankside Gallery, London
2022 Strata, Verum Ultimum Gallery, Portland, Oregon, USA
2022 Fantastic Fibers, Yeiser Art Center, Kentucky, USA
2022 Remix, Bailiffgate Gallery, Alnwick, Northumberland
2022 Open Exhibition, Gallagher and Turner Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne

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