Deb Cooper

Regularly using a combination of hand and machine stitch to make marks and create interesting surfaces, Deb works with both contemporary textile methods and traditional stitches.  Fibres, paper, drawing, painting, and printing all play a part.  Often using recycled and collected items, previously used textiles which hold their own story and bring together reflections of nature with human experience, emotion, and history.  Developing her techniques with sketchbooks, layering of fragments, and the exploration of line, these pieces sometimes become works of their own.

Natural forms, flowers, plant material, and the way in which nature ages things are recurring themes within Deb’s work.  Strong throughout her work are elements of line, flow, and texture. Natural dyeing is another of Debs interests which often shows in a subtle colour palette.

Deb lives and works in Northeast England and is a member of the Society of Embroidered Works (S.E.W.). Additional examples of her work can be found at and