Kathleen Thompson

Kathleen is a founder member of Fusion. She states that the continued support, encouragement and input she receives from her fellow members is invaluable.While attending a City and Guilds Course, Kathleen discovered a love for hand stitch, colour and pattern. These important elements still form the basis of much of her work.

She says her inspiration comes from looking at anything and everything, focusing on colour, texture, pattern shape and form. Her camera and sketch book are always close to hand.

Kathleen enjoys experimenting with hand stitch into various papers and fabrics which may have been dyed, inked, waxed, painted, rusted, emulsioned, plastered, drawn or printed, to create backgrounds for her work. Recent work has been inspired by her love of the north east coast, the sea and its moods, the shoreline and the anticipation of what you might find there have always held a fascination for Kathleen. Her current “work in progress” has been inspired by looking at frescoes and the effects that time, weather and pollution have on these wonderful wall paintings.