Di Pickering

To be creative is such a wonderful part of being human. It manifests itself in so many spheres, both large and small, magnificent and mundane. Di grew up in a time and family when stitching, knitting and mending were still every day activities, a necessity that had been lost but perhaps now being rediscovered, but for her has always been an integral part of her life. Having to leave work due to ill health over 20 years ago, Di instinctively turned to these skills to create a substantial body of diverse work, has been a member of several textile groups and involved in both individual, group and communal projects. She has transformed an ordinary skill into pieces of art which are equally capable of making a statement as painting or sculpture. Her exhibition pieces frequently confront issues of the day or issues from her own journey through life. Each challenge the viewer not just to enjoy the beauty of the work but to question beyond.