Di Pickering

To be creative is such a wonderful part of being human . It manifests itself in so many spheres both large and small, magnificent and mundane. For Di growing up in a world where stitching, knitting and mending were still everyday activities, this inborn creativity expresses itself through the medium of textile design. It transforms an ordinary skill into pieces of art which are equally as capable of making a statement as a painting or sculpture. An integral element of Di’s work are the contemplative feelings or concerns behind her visions.

Di first challenges our perception of textiles through an earlier piece ‘ The rich man’s and the poor man’s bowls’. This is further explored through her purple collection, the ageing and fading series, rusted pieces, the impactful series on war and her current exploration of combining textiles with ceramics. Yet for Di, as for all stitchers, the delight of textiles is the tactile quality of fabric, fibres and threads. The thrill of slowly combining these elements are an impressive challenge especially in a world of instant gratification.