Jill Paterson

Jill’s work is informed by her love of drawing. She usually works with mixed media often using paint and papers with machine and hand stitch onto a variety of backgrounds. Colour and line are important elements within her work.

Her interest in the hand embroidery techniques of the Indian subcontinent, in particular Kantha work, has an influence on her work which can be seen in her use of areas of hand stitch and pattern.

From childhood walks with her father, spotting and naming plants, to the study of botany at school, through to her adult life as gardener, propagator and grower, plants have quite literally connected Jill to the earth. This appreciation of plant form is a connection that frequently feeds into her work, and botanical studies are themes to which she likes to return.

Her work is sometimes directly representational, whilst at other times it is an abstraction of form and feeling.